Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Where are you shipping from and what are the shipping rates?
California, USA!
All orders are shipped through USPS First Class Package with tracking included.
  • Domestic shipping (within the USA) is determined via your location. Starting base price of $2.66.
  • International shipping is flat rate $8 worldwide regardless of how many you order. Shipping can take 2-8 weeks.
  • If you want priority shipping or EMS, it is expensive (~$8 domestically, or ~$25 internationally) and you will need to contact me personally if you'd like this option.


How long will it take to receive my order?
Shipping and handling can take 1-4 days in the USA. I try to package as fast as I can.
Shipping within the USA can take up to 1.5 weeks.
International shipping can take an estimate of 2-6 weeks. Up to 2 months is possible for certain countries.
Can I combine orders?
Yes, you can! If your orders haven't been shipped, orders are automatically combined if placed under the same name, address and email address. Shipping reimbursements will be refunded after.
You can also contact me to make sure I combined your orders!
How do preorders work?
Preorders help fund the production costs for the pins. This takes time, and can take anywhere between 1-2 months. By purchasing, you are acknowledging that it will take time to receive your pin. 

Preorders are guaranteed to get the pins. However, everyone is not guaranteed to receive Standard-grade pins, as it depends on the results of the production quality. If there are more preorders than Standard-grade pins, they will be given out in priority of order time. The rest of the preorders will receive B-Grade/C-Grade pins based on availability.

If you missed the preorder, any leftover pins will be listed in my store after. These pins will most likely be B-grade/C-grade pins.
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Can I get a refund?
All orders are final. But if you are unsatisfied with anything, please email/DM me and we can work something out!
What are the differences between the Standard, B-Grade, C-Grade pins and can I choose which one I'll be getting?
This is a grading scale to determine the quality of the imperfections for the pins. All pins are handmade so it will not be 100% perfect. It is important to note that everyone's criteria to what makes a pin fall under which category is different. Due to a large number of orders, you will not be able to choose the specific pins you want, but you can choose the grade. All pins are individually inspected beforehand and categorized under the grading scale below:
  • Standard - Nearly perfect pins. Since pins are handmade and not 100% perfect, there may be very small imperfections that can only be looked upon closely or under the light. Standard pins are great for collectors.
    • Examples: faint scratches, small dents/air bubbles/scuffs, minor enamel underfill, a couple of glitters where they aren't supposed to be
  • B-Grade - Contains one or more imperfections but does not affect how the pin looks from far away. 
    • Examples: more noticeable underfilled enamel, multiple scratches/scuffs/air bubbles, missing small metal lines, slight oxidation
  • C-Grade (Seconds) - Basically noticeable imperfections that can be seen without any closer inspections.
    • Examples: leaked enamel, deeper scratches/scuffs, big air bubbles, missing major metal lines, incorrect color artwork, large stains or discoloring


I made a mistake on my shipping address.

Please message me ASAP! If I have already shipped your order, it is impossible to change it. I am quite fast at packing orders so please contact me as soon as you notice the mistake.


Are the _____ pins coming back in stock?

Most of my pins will not be re-stocked after selling out, unless there is a huge demand for them. You can check the "Pin Schedule" for tentative release dates!


Do you include any freebies into the package?

I usually include freebies like stickers, but do not expect any because it will only be given out based on availability.


My package is missing/lost!

I do not have control over shipping mishaps! Please contact your local USPS/Post office or check with your neighbors!


If there are any other inquiries, please contact me on social media (@zomgbunnie on insta/twitter) for fast replies. Thank you! 



email: zomgbunnie@gmail.com

Instagram/Twitter: @zomgbunnie